Консистентные смазки в аэрозольных баллончиках или баллончиках для распыления


Наименование Информация о продукте
RENOLIT UNIMAX LZ Based on Multi-purpose tacky grease for the lubrication of plain and roller bearings, chains, passenger cars and commercial vehicles, construction industry, industrial and agricultural machines...
RENOLIT CA-LZ Long-term, tacky grease based on a specialcalcium soap
RENAX GLEITSPRAY Fitting product. Spray grease for hinges, joints and diverse movable small lubrication applications.
PLANTOGEL ECO 2 S Readily biodegredable EP multipurpose grease
DUOTAC ZAHNRADSPRAY Special, bitumen-free, graphite lubricant for all exposed gears, chains and chainwheels.
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